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Attendance on Grade Days is mandatory for each class that a student has not passed with at least 70% OR if a teacher requires it. Absences on Grade Day must have the Principal’s prior approval (a prearranged absence form must be submitted at least one week prior to the absence). In the event of illness, a doctor’s note may be required for the absence to be excused. If Grade Day is missed, work may not be made up and an NCE (No Credit Earned) may be assigned for the hexter.

Students will be notified by their classroom teacher if they are required to be at school for Grade Day. Parents can check their student’s grade in each class and if a student has an NCE in that class, they must attend Grade Day for that class.  Students only need to attend classes in which they are failing. For example, if a student is not passing Period 2 and Period 6, they only need to attend Period 2 and Period 6 during those normal class periods. Please refer to the Grade Day schedule in the planner and on the website.  Students may hang out in the lobby, library, outside or off campus during their off periods.

Work will not be accepted beyond the end of each class period on Grade Day. If students are passing all of their classes, they are not required to attend any classes on Grade Day. Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers with any questions regarding Grade Day attendance.